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Users new/edit dialog slow to open with many products

If an account has more then 1000 projects adding or editing user permissions is slow.
becker iv over 3 years ago in  0 Already exists

Ability to Remove a Feature from a Master Feature

If you accidentally select a Feature to a Master Feature and treat the project as a singleton, you cannot remove a master feature from the form field. It would be great to allow the user to deselect any master feature as you can with Initiatives. ...
Joe Andreana over 3 years ago in Features 0 Already exists

Make To-do task status filter a multi-select field

As an Aha user filter a report of to-dos by selecting both Pending and Overdue status so that all open to-dos are shown at once while hiding Completed to-dos without exporting the report to Excel and filtering there
Paul Edge over 3 years ago in To-dos 1 Already exists

Integrate with Lean Kit

No description provided
Eric Reichel over 4 years ago in Wanted 0 Unlikely to implement

Add Field on the Main Application Screen for PC Name

Helps the user easily identify the PC name from Fred without having to find the icon in the Taskbar to find the PC Name
Elliott Olver over 4 years ago in Ideas 1 Will not implement

Bulk Export All Attachments from Aha!

I would like to be able to bulk export all of the attachments within my Aha! account.
Danny Archer over 5 years ago in  1 Unlikely to implement

Link "Notes"

No description provided
Derek Bambach over 5 years ago in  2 Already exists