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Capacity planning

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Display the capacity bar on features board > epics tab

These capacity bars disappear when you swap to the "Epics" tab of the features board. Now that we can configure releases to use the epic's estimates, we want to display this bar on the board.
Nathaniel Collum 5 months ago in Capacity planning 1 Shipped

ability to configure which field will drive the capacity limit line

Today we only have one option - getting the red line compared with the detailed estimate field, but we miss an option of being able to compare with other estimate field like initial estimate. It would be nice if we can have a button option, like c...
Ronit Binshtok about 1 year ago in Capacity planning 0 Shipped

Show initial estimates instead of detailed estimates in the capacity report

Currently you can set an initial estimate, and later on add a detailed estimate. Since it is usually more accurate, the capacity report will use a detailed estimate, if it is available, to visualize a team's capacity. However, there is a reporting...
Emily Yankush about 1 year ago in Capacity planning 0 Shipped

Capacity Planning - book soft allocations at the individual resource level

We would like the ability to book soft allocations - team member or unnamed resource has been attached and is tentatively penciled in to work on the project. When there is less certainty about who/time that will be involved in the project it nice ...
Melody Gibson over 1 year ago in Capacity planning 0 Shipped

Variable Team Capacity Values to allow for better planning

Right now teams can only provide one value for people on their team which applies to the who planning scenario. For example, if i have 5 team members, then i set 5 people on my team. But if i am starting the year with 5 but then have planned 2 hea...
Christopher L about 2 years ago in Capacity planning 2 Shipped

Variable Team capacity setting with custom time period

Why: This would allow variable team capacity per month/week etc. With current state of capacity setting, teams cannot account for changes in resources for partial project spans, member additions, losses, changes etc. This makes this feature less v...
Karla Johnson about 2 years ago in Capacity planning 0 Shipped

Add text hint to "Estimate" data field in Feature card

The built-in Estimate field on the Feature card shows no hint on how to enter data. New users are left to guess what to enter. Interestingly, the "Log Time" modal has this hint (see att). Request is to add hint-text to the "Estimate" field on the ...
Bastian Schoell about 2 years ago in Capacity planning 0 Shipped

Allow virtual users to be members of multiple teams with different effective dates

Development is largely a shared resource and it is very common for development teams to be re-balanced at the end of each program increment (PI). Specifically, developers will often be re-assigned from their current team over to a new team for the...
Mark Eaves about 3 years ago in Capacity planning / Features 0 Shipped

Synchronize logged time and remaining estimates from Jira back to advanced estimates

Using the Enterprise+ Capacity Planning for Teams feature, you can define an advanced estimate on a feature record and send it to the Jira. The total value of the advanced estimate is correctly reflected in Jira. However when the estimate is updat...
Mark Eaves over 3 years ago in Capacity planning / Jira 0 Shipped

Enable Custom Fields on Capacity Planning API Import

We use custom fields to capture KPIs and other key strategic data when creating and maintaining capacity forecasts. There are no facilities - CSV or API - to import these data points which is causing significant work for our product teams. This is...
Chris Brooks over 3 years ago in Application / Capacity planning 0 Shipped