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Status Shipped
Categories Capacity planning
Created by Nathaniel Collum
Created on Jul 12, 2023

Display the capacity bar on features board > epics tab

These capacity bars disappear when you swap to the "Epics" tab of the features board. Now that we can configure releases to use the epic's estimates, we want to display this bar on the board.

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  • Jean Miller
    Jul 24, 2023


    To take back some suggestions made on the other Idea, while they were merged: Would it be possible to have it so that the bar present on the 'Epics' board and the bar on the 'Feature' boards are configured independently as to what data they configure (epics or features). i.e. not forcing that the same data is shown on both boards, but that (most probably) the bar on the epics board shows the epics estimates, and the bar on features show the 'features' estimates?

    Even greater would be to enable displaying both side by side in order to enable comparisons.

    Thanks for considering these suggestions !

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Add Capacity Bar on Master Feature board

Add Capacity Bar on Master Feature board
Natalia Yarkova about 6 years ago in Epic 0 Shipped