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Configure so that master features and feature dates are following release dates

I would like to be able to configure so that the master features (MF) and features (F) follows the release date. This would be very helpful during sprint planning and replanning. The bulk editing is a work around, but still when you move around th...
Kristian Haglund over 1 year ago in Epic 0 Unlikely to implement

Allow the Features list view to show Epics

We've started building out our roadmap in Aha! using the Epics functionality. One thing I have found tricky is locating Epics after I've created them, as I can only see them within the context of a Release or Parking Lot.After enabling the "List"...
Guest 3 months ago in Epic 0 Unlikely to implement

Renaming Master Features "Epics" will confuse those of us with Jira integrations.

Just wanted to make you aware that renaming Master Features "Epics" will be confusing to those of us with Jira integrations. We integrate Features with Epics in Jira.
Avigail Ehrenhaus 5 months ago in Epic 0 Unlikely to implement

Initiative progress field calculation by completed master features

A common agile practice is to track progress by the burn up of completed things. I see there is already this kind of calculation for completed features. Need the same thinking to be applied to tracking initiative progress by calculating subordinat...
Guest 5 months ago in Epic 0 Unlikely to implement

Allow Requirements on Master Features

We use master features to define use cases that require work from multiple products. The features linked to the master feature come from those different products. However, we need the ability to put requirements on a master feature to be able to t...
Julia Doyle over 2 years ago in Epic 0 Unlikely to implement

Contractual Committments

For B2B enterprise products, it would be good to be able to track customer committed deliverables. Right now we have to do a few work arounds: follow a naming convention for ideas or tags for features to associate "client contract scope items". T...
Guest 8 months ago in Epic 0 Unlikely to implement

Add a Master Feature to Multiple Releases

There are times when a Master Feature gets released into multiple Releases. It would be nice to see the master feature and all the releases associated with it form the Gantt Chart.
Guest 9 months ago in Epic 0 Unlikely to implement

Visually represent the size of a feature with larger or smaller cards

In Aha, it's difficult to represent the relative effort required for different master features and features. Time is not the only consideration. For example, so features have dependencies that while not requiring heavy effort, will effect the dura...
Nate Dunlevy about 2 years ago in Epic 1 Unlikely to implement

Restrict access to bulk actions

We have 20+ people in Contributor role working on the same Product. All of them have by design access to bulk actions and can inadvertably bulk delete all of the hundreds of items that we have in Aha!. We want to somehow restrict access to bulk ac...
Guest over 2 years ago in Epic 0 Unlikely to implement

Need specific support for user journeys

The customer success team suggested I just use initiatives for user journeys and master features for user journey steps, which is a good temporary fix. However, defining a user journey is a pretty specific thing that I think should be set apart f...
Mike Mitchell over 2 years ago in Epic 2 Unlikely to implement