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Idea portal link

Within Aha! under the help, provide a link to Aha! idea portal. When enabling new features or pilots, provide ability for feedback specifically on that item. For example, with the new user experience, there is no temporary category/field that wou...
Karie Kelly 3 months ago in Product 2 Planning to implement

Support formatted header in notebook PDF's

Jeremy Geros over 2 years ago in  2 Planning to implement

Master Features integrate with Trello

We would like to keep all specs in master features and be able to push them into Trello for our Dev teams to have them on their board. Our dev teams use hello epic and organize their tasks that way so they'd be able to reference the master feature...
Guest over 2 years ago in Epic 1 Planning to implement

Single Signon using OpenID Connect

OpenID Connect ( is the modern variant of SAML, and should be supported for SSO login for aha itself as well as for idea portals. OIDC is simpler to setup than SAML, and it is possible that a wider range of Identity Pro...
Jørgen Binningsbø over 3 years ago in User management 3 Planning to implement

Ability to Edit Custom Field "Type"

Hi, We have instances where sometimes a custom field "Type" needs to be updated due to a later integration. It would be optimal to be able to adjust the existing field from one type to another (ie from "Predefined Choice List" to "Predefined Tags...
Jason Colon about 4 years ago in Account settings 1 Planning to implement

Assistance with Figuring Out Release Capacity

The "Release Capacity" dialog allows users to enter in a capacity amount. however, the dialog doesn't much help in figuring the hours, days nor weeks. For example, I needed to manually calculate that there are 22 working days in July 2016 by coun...
Guest over 4 years ago in Releases 1 Planning to implement

SSO Challenge with ideas portal

Our IT has a recommendation on how tackle the following issue, so I would like to request for a conference call Problem Statement:: We have over 100+ products and creating one common ideas portal for all the products would make it un-usable / di...
Ravi Prasad over 4 years ago in Ideas portal 2 Planning to implement

Edit & change custom field type

I'd like to change a custom field from Editable Choice List to Tags. This would let users choose multiple values instead of a single value. But to do this, I have to delete the field and create another one, which destroys the data I've already e...
Jonathon Leeke about 5 years ago in Account settings / Features 9 Planning to implement
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allow capacity planning by product line

We share development resources across several products, and capacity planning by product is of limited value. Enabling an option to set and track of capacity at the master release level would be very helpful.Ideally, capacity within subreleases w...
Guest over 5 years ago in Releases 6 Planning to implement