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Freeze Headers in Presentations

Headers are frozen in reports when you scroll, but then that same report in a presentation does not have the header frozen so when you scroll you have no context
Guest almost 4 years ago in Presentations 14 Future consideration

Better pagination for PDF notebooks

Some of my stakeholders would would prefer to printed Notebooks, but the PDF rendering engine does not do a great job of pagination and I am a bit embarrassed to share a PDF.Currently, each notebook "view" starts on a new page. This looks pretty ...
over 6 years ago in Presentations 4 Future consideration

Ability to create custom presentation by selecting release fields PLUS position and format fields

It would be great to create a custom presentation for a group of releases (compile the list of releases via a filter) such that each release shows up on an individual page.And, this is the important part...ability to create a template for the pres...
Guest 3 months ago in Presentations 0 Future consideration

Make notebooks more interactive for Aha application users

There is an existing idea that is not likely to be implemented where people without Aha accounts would be able to click on links in notebooks and get more information ( What about being able to click on ...
David Kettinger almost 5 years ago in Presentations 5 Future consideration

Enhanced Powerpoint Support

As much as we all hate to admit it, Powerpoint is still the defacto presentation tool, and it does provide some powerful diagramming tools that would be difficult to replicate. I hate having to copy Aha views into Powerpoint, and the reverse isn't...
Max Cascone over 4 years ago in Presentations 2 Future consideration

Ability to edit font type and size

Would like to be able to increase or decrease size of font without having to use the Paragraph to choose headers. Use cases: When presenting to an audience on a projector, the font is too small on the Features Detail screen. Zooming in via the bro...
Guest about 7 years ago in Reports / Presentations 22 Future consideration

Import themes into presentation

The presentation theme editor in Aha! is limited and does not have the extent of editing and formatting as in Powerpoint. Being able to import presentation themes and layouts into Aha! will be useful as this can save time in creating and formattin...
Euganeshkaran K about 1 year ago in Presentations 1 Future consideration

Customised text formatting for printed roadmaps (or at least larger font sizing).

Very happy with the web presentation of roadmaps in notebooks, however we still need to print them effectively in some circumstances. Also would be valuable to be able to fit to one page. The ability to change text size when exporting to a speci...
Greg Rigby about 4 years ago in Roadmaps / Presentations 4 Future consideration

Okta enable "Share as webpage"

We can not use "Share as webpage" w/o the security. The security functionality provide with notebooks should be extended to Share as webpage. for us, this feature is pretty useless w/o security.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Presentations 6 Future consideration

Page Numbers on Presentation PDFs

When exporting a presentation to a PDF it would be helpful to have the ability to add page numbers to the bottom of the page. It can help uses follow along better if on a guided presentation (i.e. as you can see on page number...) are aid in organ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Presentations 1 Future consideration