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Status Future consideration
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Created on Jan 18, 2022

Allow exported presentations (PDF or secure website) to retain URLs directed to feature cards

I am working on creating an Aha! presentation that is used to convey status and determine next steps, across multiple teams. Typically, we use Google Slides, once the meeting is complete we share the deck with the attendees. With Google Slides, we provide links to our feature cards, for the teams to reference once the presentation is complete, which is particularly useful for those unable to attend our meeting.

Aha provides the ability to export the file to a PDF and a secure webpage. Both the secure site and PDF file would be sufficient to replace our current method, however we noticed the links to the feature cards become inactive after a short period of time. By utilizing a slide (within Aha) to present one feature card, the links to external sources (ex: link to Google Sheets or Confluence page) remain active. Only the URLs directed to Aha feature cards will become inactive.

We would like to check, is there any way to retain accessibility to the feature card(s) URLs? We retain copies of our previous presentations and utilize the contents for different purposes in the future. It would be great if the URLs from the PDF format could be retained, once the file is downloaded and saved. Please let me know if there is anything I can do or provide to help in the resolution of this issue.

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