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Allow bulk moving of reports

Reports often get created at the root level when first starting use of Aha but over time multiple users require different report folders. Then you need to move reports into those new folders.There is no bulk move feature so it is a lot of effort t...
Dave Tucker about 2 hours ago in Reports 0

Dashboard Dynamic Filters

Ability to filter reports dynamically in the dashboard. For example, apply an initiative filter to all reports in the dashbaord so I don't have to create multiple dashboards showing the same information for different initiatives.
Erin Jones 3 days ago in Reports 0

Ability to add starter roadmap in Dashboards as a report

Dashboards have a limited set of reports that can be added as a tile. We would like the ability to use Starter roadmaps as a panel in the dashboard creation
Fabrizia Rossano 8 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Ability to displayed Release Capacity bar in List Report and Dashboard panel

We have created a very useful dashboard for releases but would like to be able to include the Release Capacity bar so we can see where we are against release capacity
Julie Edwards 14 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Allow more than 20 panels to be added to a dashboard

We need a single view (dashboard) for all of the workspaces across our Aha! account. Because there is a limit of 20 panels, we've created a 'part 1' and 'part 2' for our leadership team to review.
Raja Shekher Kammara 15 days ago in Reports 1 Future consideration

In Pivot Tables, allow multiple ways to calculate fields in the "Cells" section

If you build a Pivot and add multiple fields to the Cells section, you can only calculate the fields by a single way (i.e. Sum, Count, etc.). We would like to add two (or more) fields to the Cells section and calculate them differently. For exam...
Guest 16 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Add the ability to Filter on Integration Fields

We would like to be able to filter reports using the Integration Fields, i.e. Rally Formatted_ID
Guest 22 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Filter within a custom field

It would be nice to filter (AND, OR, NOT, etc) for specific pre-set tags within a custom field. For example, if I got a custom field called NUMBERS. Within that field I've pre-defined "1", "2", "3", "4". These numbers are assigned to a requirement...
Simon Au about 1 month ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Display sequential quarters on pivot table

I am creating a custom roadmap which lists all of our initiatives we plan to deliver in 2021. Some are being delivered in Q1, Q2, and Q4. Because there are no initiatives being delivered in Q3 - the column for Q3 doesn't appear. This causes confus...
Guest about 1 month ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Add an Option to save the filter in roadmaps-libary-overview

When I enter the Overview in roadmaps-libary always the setting is set to "my reports". But I have to see all reports of my team. Sometimes I'm only looking for my reports, but I always want to see all the reports.
Tobias Michels about 1 month ago in Reports 0 Future consideration