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Add a Description tab to the first screen of the new record format

The description at the top of the record under the Created by... text really doesn't make sense in your new tabbed format. Should be right there in the tab lineup.
Mary McKenna 20 days ago in Features 2 Already exists

Lost ability to clear dates from existing features

With the latest changes, I believe you removed this feature. I use it when I need to push something back to the backlog/parking lot but now it still shows on my gant charts. I like to have my backlog listed in many views for reference but without ...
Guest 2 months ago in Features 3 Already exists

Display all Ideas on a Feature

When I go back to a Feature to review if an Ideas have come in on this topic that I have tagged; currently its is only displaying two ideas. However, I know that I've tagged more than just those two Ideas on this topic. I have to open up the Ide...
Guest 3 months ago in Features 2 Already exists

better integration with JIRA where all fields sync when updated

No description provided
Guest 6 months ago in Features 1 Already exists

Custom Fields From Features/Releases/Master Features

I love linking fields to existing Features and Master Features as we have some capabilities across Workspaces that we like to tie back to the actual Master Feature as a reportable field. This custom field works great for this function, but when yo...
Chris Stocker 6 months ago in Features 1 Already exists

Allow for Features to Integrate with Multiple Epics

We have multiple teams working on multiple Epics in JIRA that all track to a single Feature. It would be very helpful to enable integration of a Feature to multiple JIRA items.
Cindy Datlof 7 months ago in Features 3 Already exists

Story Maps - Ability to change status colours

It would be good to be able to change the colours assigned to a status. As far as I can tell these are system defined but I would like to able to define my own to make the cards for a feature a different colour in story maps and other views.
Guest 8 months ago in Features 1 Already exists

Enable links as attachment type

Currently you can only upload attachements. For teams that work in tools requiring online usage (such as Adobe XD, where design review can be performed via a link) it'd be good to be able to add that key asset link as an attachment rather than hav...
Karl Koch 8 months ago in Features 0 Already exists

I would like to create a report that shows by release the feature development by calendar quarters.

For Wolters Kluwer our development team uses program increments which are calendar quarters. Then the quarter is broken down into iterations. So I would want to create a report for a release showing the features by the quarter in which they were...
Guest 9 months ago in Features 0 Already exists

Display ideas in feature search

Often times I find myself searching for a feature in order to remember if we have this feature created or not. If not, I will create the new feature. But many times I find later that we already HAD the concept created, it was just an IDEA not a FE...
Guest 10 months ago in Features 0 Already exists