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Show features on Release drawer

Please could you add the list of features on the release drawer which shows at the right when clicking on a release name or reference? Just like the master feature drawer? Now we have to click through on the number of features, then all features a...
Guest 5 months ago in Releases 0 Shipped

Enable release records to have a bottom section for custom fields

Being able to group custom fields for features and other objects into a top section and bottom section in the detail drawer is really useful in capturing the necessary information but keeping the interface clean. Can this be added to release recor...
Justin Woods 5 months ago in Releases 4 Shipped

Add capacity planning by a team's capacity not just by individual's capacity.

We need to be able to plan releases by a team's capacity. Our teams might be working on features in different product releases. We need to be able to look at a team and see what they are working on.
Kevin Morgan 6 months ago in Releases 1 Shipped

Provide a method to filter out features on the new Releases GANTT view

I would like to have the ability to only display the Release schedule Milestones and Phases on the Releases GANTT view to communicate to my team. A filter would be the best method because I do agree there is a use for having all the features on t...
Guest 9 months ago in Releases 1 Shipped

Bring Back gantt phase/milestone hover

When in the gantt chart, users used to be able to hover over the phase or milestone to see the date. In the last update this went away, but was super helpful for users to see when items are to see the specific date.
Guest 9 months ago in Releases 1 Shipped

Gantt view: sort options for release records

The new Gantt view provides helpful options for sorting records within a release which is great (e.g. sort phases and features). It would be helpful to also have sort options for the release records (e.g. sort the releases by release start date, r...
Guest 9 months ago in Releases 4 Shipped

View release start date on details drawer

After releasing the new Gantt, releases can now have a manually set start date which is not determined from the first phase / feature.However, you are not able to see this start date on the details drawer. That means when you are working from a re...
Madeleine Black 9 months ago in Releases 2 Shipped

See the Master features start and due date on the Gantt Chart

On the Gantt chart, I would like to have a master level view only with the master features start and due date.
Guest 12 months ago in Releases 0 Shipped

Copy a release within release pulldown menu

So many times, I am in a release and I want to copy this exact release. To be able to copy the release, I need to click on Add release and then select copy and search for the release. An easier approach would be provide a option on the releas...
John Seifert about 1 year ago in Releases 0 Shipped

Edit Release View

The current structure of the release page leaves SO much dead space which pushes the really important stuff (the gantt) BTF. Can you allow admins to organize fields in each of the 3 columns?
Robyn Diamond over 1 year ago in Releases 0 Shipped