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Add Product ID as a field to the Workspace Info Tab

The only way users can see the workspace Product ID is to pull a report. As a result, our workaround is to download the Product ID and upload it to a custom field on the workspace layout. This is a lot of manual work for something that is inherent...
Cindy Datlof over 3 years ago in Product 4 Unlikely to implement

Automatic entry of "Release Date" on Gantt Chart - Can that be optional?

I want to have a release with multiple phases and milestones without a single "release date", so I would like to be able to remove that and by default that release is on the top of other releases.
Guest almost 5 years ago in Product 0 Unlikely to implement

Share Editable Choice custom field data across record types

Our Product Managers use required to define multiple key results per outcome. To capture this information we have implemented a custom field using the Editable choice field type. When A product manager creates a release, we would look to be able t...
Andrew Brooks over 5 years ago in Product 0 Unlikely to implement

Workflow - option to view based on assignee as well as a "custom" tag/ field that identifies a development team

Product Owners are assigned the feature and then work with multiple teams, it would be great to see the workflow based on the assigned but then also the split of teams
Natasha Venter over 5 years ago in Product 1 Unlikely to implement

convert a product to an initiative

there are times when an initiative is mislabeled as a product and it would be easier and more time efficient to correct if you could just convert the product to an initiative. It saves time.
Guest over 5 years ago in Product 0 Unlikely to implement

Glossary of terms/business context

Definitions for terms/concepts between product lines often vary. It would be great to be able to create a glossary/ubiquitous language archive where definitions can be linked to product lines or different products. This will help developers use bu...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Product 2 Unlikely to implement

Move "Reorder Products in product lines" to Settings -> Product

Hi, I was searching for minutes to find where I could reorder my projects. I wanted to move a product into another line. I assumed it is at "Settings-> Product", but no, your support required to help me out: It's at "Settings -> Account ->...
Guest about 6 years ago in Product 1 Unlikely to implement

Add star (or other flag) for certain key products

Being able to add a star or other flag/icon for key products would help show which products are the focus products when managing a large list of products within a product line. Would like to be able to flag a product as "preferred" to show that it...
Guest about 6 years ago in Product 0 Unlikely to implement

Option to select/de-select product and its releases from showing in searches and filters

We have a large number of products we've archived, so to speak, but don't want to delete. We put them in an "Archived" product line to be able to separate them out. But those products and the releases within them still show up throughout Aha! in v...
Guest about 6 years ago in Product 1 Unlikely to implement

File Upload UX Scalability: Add Folder option on Product Overview Page

As an AHA user, I want to be able to create, edit, and delete folders on the Product Overview tab so that I can organize and group a larger volume of uploaded files. The deeper benefit of this is that product owners can share more disparate existi...
Guest about 6 years ago in Product 0 Unlikely to implement