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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Application
Created by Christian Hartmann
Created on Jan 25, 2024

Show badge on gear icon when there are waiting integration updates

Who would benefit?

Every Aha Roadmap user who is using manual acceptance/approval of new items coming from integration

What impact would it make?

Improve usability. Avoid risk of missing important data.

How should it work?

Today's behavior:

When there are pending integration update, the entry "Integration Updates" within the "Settings" (gear icon) menu is showing an orange colored number of pending items. But on top level, the "gear icon" in the main UI, is "not" showing an orange badge, and thus is "not" signaling the user "hey, pay attention here".

Different than that, the "user" and "help" icons in the main UI do show orange badges on those icons, when there are pending items on any sub item, and thus signaling the user, getting his attention.

Expected behavior:

When "Integration Updates" has pending items and would show that in the Settings menu with an orange number, then the Settings (gear) icon should show an orange badge as well.

Normally I would say that this shouldn't even be an "idea", but rate this as an unintended "defect" that needs to be fixed.

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  • Admin
    Chrissi McNamara
    Jan 26, 2024

    Hi Christian. Thanks for your idea. When you are on the Features board, you will see an option to Import records. This button will only appear when there are pending imports in your workspace.

    We are unlikely to add another indicator on the ⚙️ icon but I wanted to point out the link on the Features board so you can easily see when you have pending imports.

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