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Aha! Academy - Knowledge and Whiteboards Collaboration class

Goal: Offer an in-depth class on collaborating with stakeholders using Aha! Class materials Doc templates Whiteboard collaboration and use cases Note collaboration and use cases Meetings
Jeanette Resnikoff 22 days ago in Training 0 Future consideration

Create System field list / Data dictionary

What is the challenge? Aha! has a lot of fields and it is not always clear what they are do or are used for. For example: "record last active" -- This does not just return the date a record was updated but also the date any of its related child re...
Chris Quigley 3 months ago in Training 0 Future consideration

Aha online support should show data configuration to produce report

What is the challenge? When trying to reproduce the reports shown in Aha's online support documentation I sometimes struggle with how to configure the data fields. This is a particular challenge with pivot tables, but happens with all reports. How...
Julia Pence 3 months ago in Training 0 Future consideration

spread the class over multiple days

Who would benefit? all students What impact would it make? Makes it easier to concentrate through all of the class. 5 hours into the class, it becomes difficult to concentrate, although the topic is still interesting. How should it work? maybe 4 h...
Guest 4 months ago in Training 0 Future consideration

Track and make available the history of knowledgebase searches a user preforms

Who would benefit? Users, new users What impact would it make? Very helpful in terms of assisting overall learning. Could easily find things that didn't make sense the first time discovered or that retrospectively seem more relevant than expected....
Guest 5 months ago in Training 0 Future consideration

Modern AHA Online academy

Who would benefit? Prospective clients What impact would it make? Major How should it work? You migrate your learning content to an online learning academy, For example provides a place where interested persons ...
Guest 6 months ago in Training 0 Future consideration

Stop announcing new features to me every single day

Who would benefit? every user What impact would it make? save time, reduce frustration and annoyance How should it work? Instead of stealing my time and attention by making me click away your product announcements, put them in a place that is less...
Guest 7 months ago in Training 1 Already exists

Create an exhaustive, singular list of all permissions held by an Aha! workspace owner

In the Aha knowledge portal there should be a list of everything a user who is granted "owner" permissions can do. Currently one has to navigate between several lists- such as the one for ideas and roadmaps. Automations, however, isn't a feature o...
Suzie McCarthy 9 months ago in Training 0 Future consideration

Training for Capacity and Dependency capabilities

would really appreciate a learning session focused on best practices for utilizing and reporting on Dependency and capacity capabilities
Mary Vanausdale 10 months ago in Training 1 Already exists

Add Closed Captions to existing videos and tutorials available via Aha! Support.

Please improve accessibility of your training videos by adding closed captioning to your existing videos and tutorials. Currently there are only options to adjust quality, volume and speed.
David Willequer about 1 year ago in Training 0 Planning to implement