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Status Shipped
Categories Whiteboards
Created by Sarah Moisan-Thomas
Created on Apr 5, 2023

Add wireframing components

Use case: I want to create wireframes in whiteboards so I can share my initial concepts with others and gain alignment on the path forward

Idea: Add wireframe components to whiteboards

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Allow wireframes on whiteboard

The old mockup functionality allowed us to create wireframes in description. That really should be part of the whiteboard functionality before the mockup functions are removed
Nikhil B 11 months ago in Whiteboards 0 Shipped

Add a template for wireframing in design.

Who would benefit? Designers and BAs What impact would it make? It allows the BA/PM to mock up a design for the designers to create. How should it work? The template would be a library with wireframing components - buttons, text boxes, dropdowns, ...
Guest 7 months ago in Mockups 0 Shipped