Notebook improvements

Sorry to lump them all together:

  • Full width table in a Note cropped on right in landscape, letter mode in a Notebook.  Had to go to Tabloid lanscape to fit it on.  In both cases, our custom logo was cropped at bottom as well - looks like margin issues - especially in letter mode.
  • Notebook does not show a need to update the webpage, even when content behind the insert content has changed - to update you have to do a "dummy" change in the title page or something for it allow you to update the webpage
  • Logo/Branding could be improved.  Our logo is longish and skinnyish.  Doesn't show up well in a 1.6:1 environment.
  • Ryan Strom
  • Feb 24 2015
  • Shipped
Release time frame
  • Apr 6, 2016

    Admin Response

    We have made updates in regards to the suggested Notebook improvement around updating web pages. When content has changed for any slides, the "update web page" button will be available.

    In regards to logo and branding updates, we understand the concern and do have plans for future updates which will allow for greater flexibility. This is related this idea:

    We will marked this idea as shipped in regards to the update web page functionality and suggest that you subscribe to Notebook idea mentioned above to stay tuned for future updates in that area.


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