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Status Future consideration
Categories My work
Created by Max Chanoch
Created on Feb 24, 2015

Add Feature Deadlines to My Work

My Work is only applicable if an organization uses "To Dos" to assign tasks. If a company assigns features - those due dates should appear in My Work. Currently, everyone must build a custom view in the Feature View, meaning they have to login, select features, and then load their custom view. Instead of a three step process, it would be easier if individuals could login and see their immediate queue via "Feature Due Dates" in My Work.

Less important, but would be neat - would be to allow admin's to customize what appears in the "My Work" section. I don't ever foresee a need where we will use To Dos - I would love to replace this column with something more applicable - like a permanent view of Features Details or something else super productive. 

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Display Feature due date on "My Work" page / Customize "My Work" page

It would be very nice to see the Feature due date on the My Work screen. It would be even nicer to be able to sort by feature due date and omit the release. The ability to customize the "My Work" page, similar to a Dashboard, filled with preset ...
Kyle Carpenter over 6 years ago in My work 0 Future consideration

Add end-date for 'Features' in My Work View when an end-date exists

In our use of Aha, we actually have end dates for features. The 'my work' view shows only Release end date, which is great if you are using an Agile/Sprint approach. But in our case it doesn't help to display only the release date and not show the...
Guest about 5 years ago in My work 0 Future consideration