Calendar reports - add choice of period and level of grain

Q1 ->  Is it possible to have the calendar view reflecting a couple of months, or a whole Quarter - rather than just a one month snapshot?

Q2) A variation of Q1) : is it possible to change both the grain and period? For example: if you are reporting a quarterly view (3 months for period) you could list all features due at a weekly level (grain) - like wk1, all on wk2, etc. rather than day 1, day 2, etc. Or If you are reporting on 12 months period, you could list all features due on month1, month2, etc.

  • Cristina Rufeisen
  • Jan 10 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Madhu B commented
    21 Feb 09:59

    A small addition to Q1. Maybe a date range would help. We can choose the from and to dates and the display can be adjusted accordingly. The output then can be exported to PDF, etc...