Rally Integration Support for Deleted Features

As features are being updated in Rally by development team, a feature can get deleted in Rally for a variety of reasons.  When this occurs, the corresponding feature in Aha does not get deleted automatically.  Instead it remains in Aha without any indication to an Aha user that the feature is no longer valid.  The feature points associated with this feature are then still included in the roll-up of feature points for the release causing this value to be incorrect and capacity planning to be off and status reporting to be incorrect.  In Aha, if you click on the integration link you get a 404 Not Found error in Rally trying to open the feature.  At the very least, request that Aha provide an Integration Update Notification when a record has been deleted in Rally.  If the Update is approved, the feature would be deleted in Aha as well.  Currently it is a very manual and error-prone process to make sure all features that get deleted in Rally are correctly reflected in Aha. 

  • Dan Eisenhut
  • May 7 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Arturo Orjuela commented
    September 06, 2019 07:04

    I have the same challenge with Azure DevOps