Run As User JIRA Webhook Integration Account should not consume a license seat tells us that if we don't want all imported changes from JIRA to Aha to appear as though a regular "Contributor" or "Product Owner" account has made the changes, we need to create a Paid account just to change the integration name for ingested changes.

Frankly, this feels a little preposterous.

What you're asking me to do is burn a license seat ($1200 a year on our tier) just to change the name on imported records.

I would strongly recommend that you consider for any JIRA Integration, you work out a way to provision a read-only sync account with global access to be selected as the Run As User. 

It is not fair to ask customers to burn a licence just for this feature.

  • Jared Morgan
  • Feb 7 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Avigail Ehrenhaus commented
    02 Aug 19:13

    STRONGLY AGREE!  This should be applied to other integrations as well.

    It's not just a cost issue (although that is important given how $$ Aha is), it's also an issue because if someone leaves the company , and no one remembers to update the integration that runs under their account, the integration will break.  

  • Calum McClelland commented
    25 Oct 15:16

    Yes this leads to confusion where others receiving the notification don't know if it's coming from me manually (and is therefore worth checking into) or whether the notifications are just from the JIRA integration but have my name because I set up the integration.