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Created by Joe Carpenter
Created on Sep 1, 2017

Need an admin dashboard similar to the report dashboard

I'd like to request a dashboard for Admins. I envision a way to cross reference various bits and pieces of Aha that can be challenging to find under the current schema. For example: Finding Release Templates

I currently have a a Product Hierarchy that looks like this:

Product Line 1
Release Template 1

Product Line 2
Release Template 2

Product Line 3
Release Template 3

Product Line 4
Release Template 4

Due to the structure above, Release Template 1 will cascade down through the children and be available to everything listed above.

If I am asked to modify or change a given Release Template, I would have to hunt to figure out at what level the Release Template exists. (The current search functionality doesn't include things like Release Template names.)
Therefore in order to make a change, I would need to start at the lowest level, Product Line 4, and see if the Release Template is there. If not, I have to go up a level to Level 3, look, and repeat until I find it.

Having a dashboard would allow me to quickly see all my Release Templates (and other related Templates, layouts, settings, etc) regardless of where they may be in the hierarchy.

    Apr 17, 2020

    A new 'Workspace settings' report is available in Aha!

    • To quickly access the report, go to Settings > Workspace and click the new 'View report' link in the left navigation

    • You can then customize the report to add and remove columns for different settings and add filters

    • Switch to the pivot view to see the workspaces organized into the product hierarchy

    • Click on a setting to go straight to the settings page to change it

    If there is more you would like to do with this report, please submit an idea to let us know!

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  • Joe Carpenter
    Jan 11, 2020

    Related Idea that recently shipped.

  • Guest
    Aug 23, 2019

    I would also like an Admin Dashboard. I'd like to be able to easily see things like:

    • No of users - paid/free and if active
    • Easy to view "drillable" product line / product list with associated details like ADO integration configured, completed fields like Product Manager, etc



    The broad objective is to be able to see at a glance Aha adoption as per corporate guidelines,

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