Need an admin dashboard similar to the report dashboard

I'd like to request a dashboard for Admins. I envision a way to cross reference various bits and pieces of Aha that can be challenging to find under the current schema. For example: Finding Release Templates

I currently have a a Product Hierarchy that looks like this:

Product Line 1
Release Template 1

Product Line 2
Release Template 2

Product Line 3
Release Template 3

Product Line 4
Release Template 4

Due to the structure above, Release Template 1 will cascade down through the children and be available to everything listed above.

If I am asked to modify or change a given Release Template, I would have to hunt to figure out at what level the Release Template exists. (The current search functionality doesn't include things like Release Template names.)
Therefore in order to make a change, I would need to start at the lowest level, Product Line 4, and see if the Release Template is there. If not, I have to go up a level to Level 3, look, and repeat until I find it.

Having a dashboard would allow me to quickly see all my Release Templates (and other related Templates, layouts, settings, etc) regardless of where they may be in the hierarchy.

  • Joe Carpenter
  • Sep 1 2017
  • Likely to implement
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