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Created by Mark Eaves
Created on Jul 23, 2020

Ability to define filters within an Aha! dashboard

The new Aha! dashboards are great! It would be nice to be able to filter the data contained within those dashboards.

For example: I have a dashboard of portfolio initiatives across the organization. Each portfolio leader will want to zoom in and see the data for all their portfolios.

    Dec 17, 2020

    It is now possible to add a workspace filter to dashboards. Now you can create one standard dashboard and share with teams across your portfolio.

    Check out the blog post for more details.

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  • Admin
    Austin Merritt
    Dec 18, 2020

    Hi there, thank you for your feedback. I unmerged the following idea that mentions more generic filter options.

    We will continue to monitor feedback on that idea to help us understand what other filters are needed in the future. Thanks!

  • Cyril Bousquet
    Dec 18, 2020

    I do not agree with the fact that you guys merged multiple ideas requesting the ability to use filters across all the panels of a dashboard with this one. The workspace filter is a good start, but I would also like to be able to filter on custom fields, tags, etc. and right now just the workspace filter is not enough.

  • William Wang
    Dec 8, 2020

    I echo this. As our organisation is starting to adopt Aha and building more reports, the only pain point at the moment is the need to replicate a bunch of lists/pivots/charts in order to filter dashboards for a particular team/project. Filtering will make adoption 1000% easier.

  • Brandon Morrell
    Sep 16, 2020

    We need this! As a workaround, we have to create dashboards for each project/release and link them from another dashboard.

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