Ordered pair score card metrics

Currently each score card metric has to be an integer that's mathematically understandable. However, often we have priority information that is more textual for which an integer value can be assigned. For example, in the following table we have two metrics Strategic Alignment and Customer Experience. As you can see the values are descriptive and hence understandable. For each descriptive value, system can assign a numeric value for score calculation. This would make the prioritization sessions more engaging and automated.  Without this even if we capture descriptive values in a custom field, the score has to be manually adjusted.

Metric                                Values


Strategic Alignment               High (2), Medium(1), Low(0)

Customer Experience           High (3), Low/Medium(2), No Impact(1), Negative Impact(0)

  • Michael Zadda
  • Jun 27 2017
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  • Alex Horan commented
    September 21, 2017 16:39

    Agreed, this also makes the scorecard much more understandable to those not directly involved in determining how the scores are calculated. People understand High vs Medium vs Low a lot better than they understand 3,2,1