Integrate Aha! and Confluence to link Confluence Pages in AHA! and transfer them with JIRA

Atlassian currently offers the ability to Integrate Confluence & Jira using Application Links which gives teams multiple features.

One of the features we utilize heavily is the ability to Move between Jira & Confluence.

Whenever you add a link to JIRA issues in Confluence, or link to a Confluence page from your JIRA application, the JIRA Links button appears at the top of the Confluence page. This makes it really easy to jump from Confluence to JIRA and vice versa, speeding up your workflow.

The great thing about the Confluence Links in Jira is that they are dynamic and change if the page is renamed or moved in Confluence.

I believe that it would be a great benefit to integrate Aha! and Confluence to do the same thing.  Once integrated the Confluence links can be added to Aha! feature and then passed to Jira through Feature field mapping.  This would save time as currently I create a Feature in Aha! then send it to Jira and have to remember to go and add the Confluence Link in Jira.

Here is how it would work once Aha! & Confluence are integrated:

  1. Create a Confluence page using the Product Requirements Blueprint.
  2. Create a Feature in Aha! and link it to the Confluence page (same way as done in Jira by searching for the Confluence page)
  3. Send Feature to Jira using 'Send to JIRA'
  4. Confluence page link is automatically transferred JIRA Issue

This tight integration between Aha!, JIRA & Confluence means that you can easily access the Confluence pages within Aha! and they can be transferred to JIRA and vice versa.

  • Tyson Kretschmer
  • Apr 19 2017
  • Future consideration
Release time frame
  • Oct 9, 2019

    Admin Response

    Thanks for the idea!

    We wanted to let you know that we now have a new integration with Confluence.

    Share a live view of an Aha! roadmap, report, or presentation in Confluence — so you can further promote your brilliant plans across the organization.

    Learn more:

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  • Sharon Turner commented
    September 20, 2017 09:27

    Step 3 : sending feature to Jira - as a story??  The problem i'm having is the story is only 1 story of many to get a feature done -need to break the story into multiple stories.  The original story may get marked as "Done" but the other stories aren't Done, so AHA is incorreclty showing the feature as DONE, but it's not.  Can you suggest a process please for updating AHA once multiple stories are done for the feature.

  • James Rowe commented
    February 15, 2019 15:01

    Notes and Confluence serve the same purpose in alot of ways.  In order for a Product team to rely on the sole use of Aha, you need to be able to sync the Aha! notes-> jira->confluence.  In a multi system environment it will allow for  the free flowing of information and Official documentation. Between the systems as needed

  • Josh Tambor commented
    May 23, 2019 19:49

    Our Development Team relies on JIRA and Uses Confluence Heavily for Documentation Management. Having Templates from Aha! Feed directly to Confluence or having them stored with the synched Link in JIRA would be a significant upgrade

  • Matt Pyke commented
    July 29, 2019 18:01

    What I am looking for is a way to embed the confluence page into Aha. Like an iframe or similar. We have many 'work spaces' in confluence that would be useful to see in the associated feature or ideas from a Product Manager perspective.

  • Michael Lichtenstein commented
    August 23, 2019 11:38

    Is this on your roadmap?