Show release number and date in feature dependencies and sub features of a master feature

I want more information about the dependencies of a feature... what release it's in and the timing


This feature is critically important to how we are planning to use master features as user stories / use cases that span multiple product release deliveries.  We really need 2 new columnns that indicate the release name and date in this list like this:

Feature Release Name Release Date Status
SA-1 Feature X SA 1.2 20-Jan-18 Under consideration
FL-2 Feature 1 FL 6.7 15-Jul-18 Committed
FL-2 Feature 2 FL 6.8 21-Jan-18 Under consideration
RNI-3 Feature A RNI 3.4 15-Mar-18 Under consideration




  • Laura Bednasz
  • Apr 13 2017
  • Future consideration
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