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Created on Jun 10, 2016

ideas linked from zendesk ticket reports should not expose part of the email address to other public users

When a zendesk ticket is linked to from zendesk, the aha zendesk plugin only records the email address associated with the linked zendesk ticket reporter to make the link and does not send the name field value to the Ideas portal user entry.

As such what is visible in the Ideas portal when you hover your mouse cursor over the linked account avatar ( under Votes tab) is the first part of the user's email address.

Showing part of the email address potentially to other users from other organizations is not ideal at all. See

Also the end user may consider it a security concern to show part of their email address in this way to other public portal users and lose trust in my company.

Further confusing, when the linked user signs-into the portal, the SSO integration can send a first name/ last name, which does get recorded for the ideas portal user account. One wonders why idea linking didn't send the name value from zendesk in the first place.


  • implement to make linked names anonymous/hidden and
  • when creating a user account in ideas portal by linking to an idea from zendesk, do not make the ideas portal show part of the email address to other non-related public users
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