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Created by Danny Archer
Created on Oct 15, 2015

Report status change dates as milestones on reports -> timeline

I would like to be able to report on when each release transitioned between statuses visually on a timeline.

Today, I can use a list report and have columns for release status change to x, change to y, etc. But it is hard to grasp timing on a list.

The Reports -> Timeline only has values for release date, start date and milestones are all individual items.

I want "Status change date" and the ability to have 5 milestones for one release showing each status change. I could then filter statuses to only show specific ones.

That way I could easily view how long releases were in each status.

Wow? Release X was in Beta for 2 months? What happened?

Release Y was in ready to ship for a month? What delayed the release?

Release A went from in development to dev complete in 2 weeks but then was in QA for 2 months - was QA bottle necked or did dev rush a buggy release?

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  • Guest
    May 25, 2016

    That's a really great request - we'd be really excited to use Aha! to jumpstart those conversations Danny suggested.