Allow employee portal users to add private comments to a public idea.

We want all company employees to have access to the idea portal to see what ideas our customers have and even engage with the community. But we also want them to be able to discuss the validity of the idea internally with private comments. It seems the only way is to make them Aha reviewers and have them log into the full application, when all we want is them to see and comment on ideas and have a single UI and login.

  • Ryan Thiessen
  • Sep 18 2015
  • Unlikely to implement
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    Ron Yang commented
    November 14, 2015 00:39

    This is correct that the only way to do this is make your company employees Aha! reviewers, to allow them to leave comments directly in the application. 

    You should know that under the Enterprise plan, the account comes with unlimited Reviewers.

    This is intentional as we feel that internal discussions around ideas should occur within the application. We've spent a lot of time gathering feedback around our users and permissions and are unlikely to make changes in this area. I hope you can understand.

  • Donald Hasson commented
    November 22, 2016 23:05

    Appears to be related to this one: 

  • Brandon B commented
    June 7, 2017 18:39

    We too would love to have this.  We have hundreds of employees and do not want to expose the aha tool to all users.  We would like to have one idea portal for both customer and employee but keep the employee's idea( supported today) vote tally and comment (don't believe its supported today) as private. Right now we have 2 portals.  One for internal and one for external.  However its a pain because some employees may post or comment on a customer private portal and we have to go back to remove it or change the "product" of the idea to move the idea to the internal idea portal.  This creates duplicates and harder to tally votes.  The idea portal is great as it is super simple for just about any user.  Using the aha tool for all users with the enterprise plan is just not a viable option for us.