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Created by Dina Neishtadt
Created on Jul 13, 2015

Allow viewing items assigned to me from Parking Lot

We are one team that consists of a number of product managers, working on the same product. Some features are being owned by one product manager, while some requirements in that feature may be owned by another. 

Currently My Work view displays only features/requirements that are scheduled to a release, but not ones that are still in the works of the product team, to the extent that they have not been scheduled to a release. Where is the list view under Features could be filtered, but not to contain both Features and Requirements at the same time.

This creates quite a big unsatisfaction in our team, as there is no place for them to view all of their to do.

    Jan 8, 2016

    From the Features-> List page, it is possible create and save a view which has this information. By adding the Feature assignee and Release name as filters, you can specify which features/releases to show up in the view.

    By saving the view, you can always have 1 click access to this saved information.

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