scorecard for reviewers

Only the scorevalue for a scorecard is visible in the feature view for review users. It should be possible to see also the scorecard for users with only review priveliges. The current implementation where reviewer (mostly management) cannot see the individual scores in a scorecard is worthless. It means I have to sit beside them and show the scorecard with my user. Seeing the total score is only one part of what is needed.

Also when you hover the score you only see the formula, which is not the information that you want to show the users of the system. Seeing the formula only confuses reviewers

  • Øyvind Standal
  • Jun 5 2015
  • Already exists
  • Jun 6, 2015

    Admin response

    The Scorecard total score and individual metric scores are visible in both the Feature slider (detail) and the Features List views. 

    Features Slider: You can hover over the score and the metrics will show an individual score. If you do not like this view then...

    Features List: You can create a saved view for the team, including Reviewers, that includes all of the metrics that go into making the score. These metrics can be added as data columns.

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