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Set feature rank within a release based on feature score Merged

Currently you can sort by rank on the Features -> List or Features -> Details page. However, there is no way to bulk modify the feature rank within a release to be numerically ordered by score. The rank field today is only editable through drag & drop on the features board.

The ability to sort features within a release by score and then apply that sort order as the feature rank within a release would allow teams managing large releases to quickly set the rank without manually drag & dropping many features.

This is especially important when integrating with JIRA since the Aha! rank can be submitted to JIRA to help guide the development team on prioritization through their sprint backlog.

  • Jason Slaughter
  • May 19 2015
  • Shipped
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  • Admin
    Ron Yang commented
    November 14, 2015 01:41

    Have you used the Feature->Details page? This sort option is available today, along with additional sorting options including Creation date, status, type, and more.

  • Jason Slaughter commented
    November 14, 2015 01:55


    I appreciate your response, but I'm getting tired of you closing my ideas with "Already exists" when you haven't properly read my submission. This is NOT what I'm asking for.

    I am asking for a feature that will CHANGE the RANK of the features in a release, based on the score. Not just to see the features ordered by score. Here is the problem I'm trying to solve:

    When putting together a new release, I have a bunch of features (more than the release will hold). I then work with the team to score these features. After that, I want to RANK these features, and I do that based on the score we've assigned. Right now I have to manually rank all of these features by score (drag them around), which is ridiculously manual. What I want is a button that will now change the rank of all of the features, automatically, from highest score to lowest score. This does not exist in Aha. Sure, in the detail view I can sort by score, but then I can't make that sorting the new ranking!


    Please re-open this idea.

  • Admin
    Danny Archer commented
    November 14, 2015 03:30

    Hi Jason,

    It looks like there was a bit of a misunderstanding. Our intent was not to dismiss your idea.

    The original user story read like the request was to simply sort by score. We have people ask about that frequently because they do not realize that the functionality exists on both the details & list view already.

    Thank you for clarifying what you are looking for.

    I updated the idea name & description, I believe it better captures the request.

    Can you confirm? I would be happy to re-open the idea, I want to make sure the request is understood.



  • Dan Wittenberg commented
    December 04, 2015 15:10

    Any news? I either have to wait til this is available or manually move 5 releases each with 30 features into score order myself. Not sure which will be finished first...

  • Jason Slaughter commented
    March 21, 2016 19:35

    Is there an update on this? Every time I put together a new sprint, and need to manually reorder the priorities by hand, I die a little inside.

  • Guest commented
    May 22, 2016 15:27

    Do we have any update on this please as when this is planned to be shipped ?

  • Sam Giligich commented
    August 04, 2016 21:14

    I would also like a slightly different feature:

    - The features within a release may not always be prioritized based on the Aha Score (e.g. C-Level decision)

    - Therefore, I would like to be able to view the same ordering in "Features -> List", to what is arranged on the "Features -> Board"

  • Spencer commented
    August 16, 2016 22:50

    This would be a very useful feature for my team!  We have 100+ features in our backlog - all features are ranked but there is no way to display them in descending order by rank in the Features Dashboard.


    Thanks and have a great day!

  • Skip Gorski commented
    October 11, 2016 14:27

    I'm in the same boat. I have 60 features in my Parking Lot, and it would be very helpful to either update the rank based on the score, or be able to sort on the Feature Board by score to make it easier to pull issues into the next planned release.

  • Loic Bauduin Brunelle commented
    February 15, 2017 14:57

    Potential solution to solve this problem that hurts us as well: Although it requires a bit of manual work, bulk updating the feature rank through cvs files sound like a low cost solution to me!