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Created on May 14, 2019

MS Planner integration

In our department we have developer teams working with Jira but also other teams for e.g. process improvements, consultancy... It makes no sense to track their work in Jira as they only need a simple board for their needs. Currently they use the MS Planner. It would be good if we could also have these teams in our Aha! project.

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  • Todd Peterson
    Apr 22, 2022

    Our Go To Market process which involves individuals from Marketing, Sales, Support as well as well as Development & Product Management. Dev already works in TFS so an integration with MS Planner would work perfectly for the Marketing, Sales and Support Teams which is where they are updating their GTM tasks.

  • Guest
    Mar 27, 2022

    Definately this would be a huge plus on managing palnning task vice versa between Aha-MS planner! any updates on this idea ?

  • Diana Ramchandani
    Sep 22, 2021

    Yes please! We really need to have a way of tracking open items and actions using Planner as our planning tool, but also have this detail captured in Aha as To-Dos against the relevant features for better traceability and visibility of items that are blocked/awaiting actions to be completed

  • Sjoerd Slabbers
    Jan 8, 2021

    We also need this! A planner integration makes it possible to have lightweight access to tasks/features.

  • Andi Merchant
    Jun 30, 2020

    Massively need this inegration from Planner to Aha!

    The ability to create/update features in planner tasks would be fantastic

  • Guest
    Apr 27, 2020

    We are very interested in associating either features, initiatives or goals to line items in a project within Planner and have these mutually updated between the two. This would help us a great deal in tracking items that are in and not in Aha!

  • Rick Cortright
    Feb 2, 2020

    Really looking for the ability to push features down to MS Planner so the team can work on them.

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