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Created by Guest
Created on May 13, 2019

Easier UX for presentation

When creating presentations, it can be hard to find the presentations that have been created. They are accessible via the dropdown menu under "Roadmaps" (which doesn't make sense) then "Overview" (which takes the user to a pretty unnecessary intermediary page before the user can get to the presentation that they need). There is room to put the individual presentations under the "presentations" category in the "roadmaps" dropdown, but the individual presentations are not listed there. Instead, the user has to proceed through the "overview" page to find individual presentations.
I find that when trying to work with presentations, I want to go back and forth between my presentation and the various main project views. It would be better if there was a quick way to navigate back to a presentation(s) that are linked to that product. In particular, presentations which are "live" and have been published as a web page. I would love it if when I publish a presentation for a particular group of stakeholders, I get some kind of tab or even a mini-"sticky note" icon on the far right of my product page for that product with the name of that presentation on it. That would give me an at-a-glance list of the presentations "published" for that product. Being able to color code the presentation for a given product would also be great!

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