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Created by Amy Lackas
Created on Apr 19, 2019

Option to hide goals and initiatives from selection on the Master Feature, Feature or Release

I would like the ability to mark a goal or initiative as complete/obsolete so that they are not available for selection on the Master Feature, Feature or Release.  I know that you can do this via Archive, but the issue with this is on the reporting side.  I still want to be able to report on these against what they were set to, but when i bring in the Goal or Initiative record onto a report where the primary is Master Feature/Feature/Release then anything tied to one of those archived items then the master feature/feature/release will not show up on the report.  For example

Goal - Test Goal

Master Feature - Feature 1 --> Test Goal

Run a report where the primary record is Master Feature, bring in the Goal record type

Report Content:

Feature 1   Test Goal


Now set a time frame on Test Goal that is archived already


Run the same report again, that Feature 1 will not show up, but it needs to.  We want to be able to see the past so we need these values be available to be on the report. I know that on the Master Feature in Add Data you can add 'Goals' as a field and then i can see the feature with the archived goal, but there is not an option to do that for initiative - plus we also have goal assigned to initiative so that will be the same issue.  


There needs to be an option to report on 'closed' goals and initiatives, but also be able to not have them be available to be selected.

    Apr 19, 2019

    Thank you for submitting this idea. It is currently possible to display records connected with archived goals by adding the Goals archived filter and setting it to "Any" (see attached). This setting will display records that are connected with both archived and active goals. We hope this helps!

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  • Amy Lackas
    Apr 23, 2019

    By default this should be set to display All – and the user decides to remove those archived.