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Status Future consideration
Categories Epic
Created by Keith Davenport
Created on Mar 1, 2019

Epic record link - search by ID

Currently, the user can link a feature to a master feature by searching by feature id. However, the user is unable to link a master deature by searching by master feature id.

This creates an inconsistent user experience

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  • Guest
    Jun 8, 2020

    Also, this applies to all record types, not just master features. (Ideally, I wouldn't even have to select a record type.)

  • Guest
    Jun 8, 2020

    Per the comment by Julie Price in my merged idea this is supported if you type in the whole id. She asked:

    are you looking for a way to type in a partial ID and see possible results?

    I wasn't aware that the full code was supported, but yes, I think partial ids would make it more useful.

  • Andrew Evans
    Sep 3, 2019

    It seems kind of silly that this isn't already standard.   You can search by Feature ID in almost any other search box except when linking a Master Feature.


Ability to link a Master Feature to a Feature by entering the Record Number

Currently when trying to link a Feature to an existing Master Feature/Epic, Initiative, or Goal, the search box does not allow for entry of the record number. Instead, the user must type the title of the Master Feature/Initiative/Goal to link it t...
Andrew Evans over 1 year ago in Application 0 Future consideration

Search in record linking should accept record codes as well as names.

If I know the code, it's often easier to type that than the name because it's more likely to get to something unique in fewer characters.
Guest over 2 years ago in Features 1 Future consideration