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Categories Presentations
Created by Michael Faust
Created on Mar 14, 2019

Fix "Shrink View to Fit Container" In Notebooks

A report in a slide of a notebook can be formatted.


Unfortunately the "Shrink View to fit container" option does not work properly or at least does not work as expected.


A single report (pivot or hierarchy) within a slide with the shrink view to fit container option still has some of the text chopped off the right hand side of the page unless you further adjust the width of a portrait page to 1175.


Similar behavior can be found when including a business model page in a slide printed landscape.


As a side note given how long it takes PDF to generate these numbers took a long time to converge on.

    Mar 25, 2019

    Thank you for submitting this idea! It sounds like you may be experiencing a bug with the application. A member of our Customer Success team will be following up with you shortly to assist here.

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