Advanced linking

Currently you can hyperlink to ideas, features, master features, etc. via the hashtag symbol: (i.e. #MYPROJ-E-123).

The result is something that looks like the attached picture.

This requires that the reader either:

  • Know the number and the contents within

  • Click the link and have to wait for the linked item to load in another tab.

Often times someone just needs to know the title or some other aspect of the hyperlinked Aha element.

In addition to #PROJ-123 to hyperlink and display the reference number for the Aha element it would be great to have other hyperlink options such as:


Hyperlink that displays the title of the linked Aha element


Hyperlink that displays the status of the linked Aha element


Hyperlink that displays the description of the linked Aha element


Hyperlink that displays the due date of the linked Aha element


Many more fields (both custom and default) would be useful here

  • Michael Faust
  • Mar 14 2019
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  • Michael Faust commented
    13 May 19:08

    This idea would also be tremendously useful when planning for a line of products where most use cases across the entire product line are identical.


    It would be great if for each product in the product line we could link back to a shared use case for all products.  When generating use case reports/documentation the user would see the contents rather than the link back to the shared use case.


    If you needed to update the shared use case, you could do that and have all of the use cases updated for each product.


    While working through the use cases for each product in the product line, if one or more products varied enough to force a rewrite of that particular use case you could remove the link and then rewrite that use case.