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Status Future consideration
Categories Product
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 12, 2020

Ability to have a common structure for competitor cards under different products so the layout doesn't change when moving a competitor

When moving a competitor from under one product to another the structure of the competitor page changes and certain fields hide in the new space where it is being moved. This then requires manually editing and moving around fields in the card, which is time consuming. I contacted Aha! support to get this resolved and after a few email exchanges and a call I received the below reply -

"The structure of the competitor is defined on the screen itself by hiding fields and dragging them around, it isn't defined by the custom layout.

You need to make this screen, look the same in both workspaces by unhiding the fields and moving the fields around, there isn't a shortcut to making them look the same."

I am surprised to know that even if the competitor layout in both the products is the same why should it be different than the structure of the competitor pages. Isn't the layout supposed to be the same as Structure?

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