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Categories User management
Created by Don Fifer
Created on Apr 7, 2020

Ability to modify the format and view on the "Info" tab

This page could be very useful for the way I'm using Aha! if this page allowed for some customization/re-formatting. As you can see from the attached image, I have a great deal of product information captured on the right side of the page. So much that the information extends outside of the view of the page. The primary area of this page is great, but probably much larger than I need. The ability to move the info on the right side of the page to the top or simply re-size it would be very beneficial.

Additionally, the ability to show the Release Gantt on this page would be great. Basically I'm envisioning an Info tab that shows as much information as possible...kind of a consolidated view.

    Sep 30, 2020

    Thanks for the idea!

    The Info tab now has a similar layout as other details pages. You can manage the workspace tabs and fields from its custom layout. You can access your custom layout from account settings > Custom layouts or directly from a record. Go to Info > Overview, click on the [...] menu, and select Create/Edit custom layout.

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