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Status Shipped
Categories Product
Created by Cindy Datlof
Created on Apr 2, 2020

Details View Sliding Bar Request

Hello! I would like to request for the right hand vertical bar in any Details View be turned into a sliding bar. This would allow for the right hand custom fields to be easier to read. The middle section takes up way too much real estate. Ideally, as the right hand space gets more room, the ability to stack the fields into multiple columns would be great (similar to drag/drop on a Features card). However, I would be fine with a single column as a first iteration.

This would greatly improve the overall UI for our users who have requested this view be adjusted numerous times. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

See attached mockup. (areas hidden for privacy)

    Sep 9, 2020

    Thanks for the idea!

    Preview the improved drawer and details pages coming soon on September 30th.

    With this change, it is now possible to slide the size of your right hand pane or even collapse it completely. You can also expand and collapse the left hand bar of cards to give you even more space.

    Learn more about the preview and how to enable it.

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