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Status Future consideration
Categories Jira
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 6, 2020

Ability to see more than the last 200 logs in Aha-Jira Integrations

Sometimes we need to investigate synchronisation errors between Aha! and Jira. We can find these errors long after an initial error might have happened. We might need to go back to the original error which may have happened months ago.

The limitation on only seeing the last 200 logs prevents us from seeing this. Ideally we should be able to filter by a time period to see any of the logs that have happened.

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  • Bennie Jones
    Oct 25, 2023

    I disagree with the other comment that the restriction should be 200/message type. I can understand retaining large volume logs would be a concern for a SaaS product. I would ask for the ability to push logs to the client giving them the ability to determine volume, look back period, etc.

  • Mark Crichton
    Feb 17, 2021

    I would perhaps refine this requirement by requesting that you have a limit of 200 message per "type" of error - for instance I had to trouble your support team because a recent update I did in my Jira integration caused over 6000 log entries - 5997 were of no issue, but 3 were "errors" but they were not in the last 200 overall messages so I couldn't see what they were. If you instead offer the ability to list the last 200 "error", the last 200 "warnings" and the last 200 "info" then it would be far easier to self serve the troubleshooting of issues.

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