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Categories Roadmaps
Created by Martin Eberle
Created on Jan 8, 2020

Starter Roadmap - ability to export start date of a release

statement of support:
The starter roadmap is intended to serve as a place to sketch out plans visually and add data on the fly. The start of the release bar in the starter roadmap can be widened freely to become a visual container where you can add records into the release (like new features and phases). Unless the start of the release bar is driven based on the first record in the release, the start of the release (on the starter roadmap) isn't captured in a reportable field.

    Jan 16, 2020

    We have made changes to the way that release dates work. Release dates now have their own set start and end dates that are independent of the features within them. The dates can be adjusted by resizing the bars on the starter roadmap or Gantt chart. These dates are also available in reports.

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  • Martin Eberle
    Jan 17, 2020

    Good steps. Now the CSV import of a  'start date' of a release is (still) missing.

    BR Martin