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Created by Laura Giles
Created on Sep 24, 2019

Add URL for idea portal in dataset

We publish idea reports to some portal users that don't have access to the backend but need an easy way to drill down back into the idea from a report. 


Only URL dataset options today are the the portal URL (but not to the unique idea), and the URLto the backend view of the idea. The link is avail in the idea backend view as shown in the picture.

    Jan 18, 2023

    A new column called "Idea URL in submitted portal" is available in ideas reports. This column will show a link to the idea in the portal where it was submitted.

    Alternatively, you may sometimes want to point an idea link to a different portal, or perhaps the idea was not submitted through a portal at all. Now you can add a calculated column to your report to construct the desired URL and it will be a clickable link in the shared report. For example, ""+field("Idea reference").

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  • Zach Brettnacher
    Nov 5, 2021

    Seems like a table stake for both "external dashboards" and "roadmaps" to be able to provide your end customers with the external link back to the ideas portal. Having it link back to the internal site is of no value when sharing externally and just causes confusion. I have disabled the links but really need to get the URL added so I don't have to tell folks to navigate to our external ideas portal, copy the aha idea reference number and then instruct them to search.

  • Ginger Alford
    Apr 1, 2021

    We have a team that publishes roadmaps quarterly to their customers and what ideas they are currently working on. They would like to include the public idea link so customer can refer them. Today they have to manually do it and the team is looking for they could have in the features/ report would be easy

  • Joakim Karlsson
    Dec 13, 2019

    We also want this when sending PDF report to Sales and they want to read more and add comments.

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Extend list view to include "Idea URL (portal)"

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Bernadette Headd-Williams almost 6 years ago in Reports 8 Shipped