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Status Likely to implement
Categories Integrations
Created by Justin Waldorf
Created on Jun 17, 2024

Update progress and link to integration on background jobs

What is the challenge?

When I run the Update records utility for many integrations, the background jobs page does not show an updated progress for each job. Also, if the job fails there is no link back to the integration so I can quickly find and review the relevant log messages.

What is the impact?

I cannot quickly identify progress of my background jobs and I cannot easily locate the source of a particular failure or error message from my background job.

Describe your idea

Being able to quickly link back to the integration logs from a background job will allow me to troubleshoot my integration errors quickly and easily. Having that progress indicator represent actual progress is also a nice QoL improvement.

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  • Carina Velazquez
    Jun 19, 2024

    Not sure about others, but when you run several 'update records' or the like and then go back to 'background jobs' later, it's just a list of fails or successes and you have to go through all of the integrations you kicked off to find out where the issues lie. If the integration id was on the background jobs page, it would save a lot of headache and time to find the one integration you need to look at!

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