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Status Future consideration
Categories Presentations
Created by Kelsey K
Created on Jan 26, 2024

Widescreen Format for Presentations

Who would benefit?

Anyone using or viewing on a widescreen (16:9) monitor or screen, or presenting in a widescreen format.

What impact would it make?

Many (most?) modern monitors & screens are widescreen, not the old standard 4:3 format. By adding a widescreen view Aha presentations would feel more modern/current. It could also allow users to use the unused space on a widescreen monitor, likely reducing the need for left/right scrolling. (When viewing a standard presentation on a widescreen monitor, there are black bars on either side of the presentation slide.) With the new ability to export an Aha! presentation to PPT (awesome - thanks for that!), it would be helpful to have that presentation exported into a widescreen format.

How should it work?

When creating a new presentation, add a setting to select the slide size - standard (4:3) or widescreen (16:9).

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