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Status Future consideration
Categories API
Created by Guest
Created on Jan 12, 2024

Enable filtering on custom fields in Custom Table Records List API

Who would benefit?

Any customer using custom tables, particularly those integrating with other data sources or needing API-based filtering capabilities

What impact would it make?

Scripting updates from other sources of truth such as taxonomy systems or CRMs would be simpler since you could look up existing records using the ID from the source system. You could also look up all records with common custom field vales which could be valuable for advanced analysis or views.

How should it work?

Many examples of RESTful filtering on field values exist. However, Contentful is a particularly good example of robust search and filtering on custom schemas:

I do not believe this feature needs to be as robust as this example though. Simply being able to find exact matches on a field value would be a solid MVP in my opinion:

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