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Status Future consideration
Categories Epic
Created by Mousa Mitwasi
Created on Oct 14, 2020

Limit Custom Fields Linked to Records Using Criteria

Ask: When creating a custom field related to a record (ex. Custom field showing all Epics from all other workspaces), I need a way to display only records that meet some criteria. Example of criteria would be:

  • The records in a specific product line or workspace (flexible to be outside of my hierarchy)

  • Records that have an active status (i.e., does not include Will Not Implement, Complete, Done, etc.)

  • Records are flagged using a custom field (e.g., records flagged to be used for Executive Reporting)

Reason: I am trying to avoid showing too many records for the users to select from since not all of them apply (or should be selected). I need to eliminate data quality issues by preventing the users from selecting non-applicable records.

What we tried: We have been able to create a custom field to limit records at a workspace, product line, or Account level, also created automation rules, but none of these allow me to filter Records that meet the criterion (see above).

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