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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Kim Bremer
Created on Dec 15, 2023

Ability to choose fields to show on parent record when customizing card layouts

Who would benefit?

Any users who have customized card layouts and want to display consistent information.

What impact would it make?

Consistent visualization across all card types; elimination of distracting fields.

How should it work?

Today, when you enable "Show parent record" when customizing the card layout for Features, the Epic's ID and Name are displayed and you can't delete either or add different Epic fields to display.

Suggestion: If "Show parent record" is enabled, you should be able to add and remove fields from the parent record layout, just as you can on the Feature card itself.

Screenshot: On card customization screen, make it so I can edit the the parent fields in the gray "banner" area above the feature card, just like I can in the main feature card layout.

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