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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Tim Sachs
Created on Oct 20, 2023

Shareable and embeddable snapshot views of roadmaps

Who would benefit?

Program and portfolio managers who need to share vetted static views of a roadmap periodically and who cannot risk sharing a live view

Viewers/consumers of static roadmap views

What impact would it make?

It would reduce the need for PDFs, which currently have display issues making them unusable for some customers, and which are generally a clunky and outdated format.

It would simplify the process for updating static views that are shared on company intranet portals such as SharePoint. Instead of generating and loading a new PDF (and troubleshooting display issues each time), it could be an embedded shared webpage that could be updated/refreshed with the click of a button after verifying the accuracy of the latest live view.

Unlike PDF snapshots, viewers would benefit from all the beautiful design work and functionality that goes into the live webpage views. They would be able to click on items to see more details, as they can when clicking on a live shareable wepage item.

How should it work?

In the same way that a presentation can be static and refreshed with the latest data as needed, a shareable/embeddable webpage should have an option to make it static until refreshed, perhaps with a button to refresh with live data.

It should have the option to add a clear date stamp of some kind on the displayed view so that it's distinguishable from live views and so that viewers can easily tell how recent the data is.

The link would be persistent after refresh so that the embed code wouldn't need to be updated each time.

The 'Share as webpage' area could have an archive of previous snapshots of that view, perhaps limited to a certain number.

The UX for refreshing a presentation is a bit confusing, so any implementation in the 'Share as webpage' experience should avoid using that as a model.

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