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Created on Sep 21, 2023

Backup/Archive all data in Aha

Currently, there is no way to download all of our Aha! data in bulk. we an only download all the data for each record type is via the List report under Roadmaps. We can create a list of all records of a specific type (including personas and competitors) with all the fields you need enabled, and download that as a CSV or other file - all of this is cumbersome and confusing.

Suggested Solution:

Provide a one click option to archive/backup all data in Aha by the Admin to a local store. Subsequently that same downloaded package should be allowed to be "imported" into Aha when one subscribes back to the plan.

    Sep 22, 2023

    Thank you for your idea. There is currently an account backup option available on the Enterprise+ plan. This article explains in more detail.

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