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Status Future consideration
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Created on Aug 25, 2023

Allow sending emails for polls to all users

It would be much easier for Product teams to send out polls and receive larger participation if there was a simple option to send poll email notification to all users on an account. Sending emails to interested users by Ideas is great, but its generally more beneficial to get opinions from all customer/external/internal accounts.

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  • Guest
    Mar 20, 2024

    Sending polls directly to customers via email, both en masse and to individually selected users, significantly enhances participation and feedback. While customers can access the poll in the portal, an email reminder or prompt can be extremely effective in today's email-driven world. Restricting email distribution to users subscribed to specific ideas severely limits the number of customers you can reach for feedback. In order to reach all users, you are assuming that every portal user has subscribed to or submitted an idea (which is not always correct). Consequently, one is compelled to select all ideas in the "who have subscribed to" field to maximize reach, which contradicts the goal of targeting only interested users.

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Allow Emailing all subscribed ideas forum users for Polls

Who would benefit? Users of the ideas forum who don't normally log in to see the Polls, who may want to provide input. Product Managers, who may not have as established a user base or have a lot of users who have access but don't participate in vo...
Jackie B 8 months ago in Polls 0 Future consideration